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THOMAS BRACEY, of Brunswick County, was born about 1730-1735. He married Mary "Molly" Floyd, daughter of Josiah Floyd. Thomas died between 10 April and 280June 1802 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He and Mary had at least three children:

William Floyd Bracey
Samuel Bracey
Frances Elizabeth Bracey, m. first Benjamin Hicks, m. second James Webb, on 8 September 1803.

In Sept. 1753 Thomas Bracey presented to the Brunswick Court of petition against Alexander Pool for a debt owed to him, which was subsequently paid by Pool.

On 30 December 1756 John Tudor and Mary Rose sold to Thomas Bracey 142 acres of land on a branch of Poplar Creek, part of a larger tract of land formerly granted to John Jones by letters patent 1745, the plantation which Henry Rose gave John Tudor by deed of gift. He sold his property to Robert Brooks of Mecklenburg County on 22 November 1779. Sack Bracey and Grief Harwell were witnesses to this deed. At the time of sale this prperty was bounded by lands of Allen Love, Valentine White, and Myhill Upcherch.

In 1765 an attachment was obtained by Thomas Bracey against the estate of Randal Bracey. This case was carried on the books of the court until 28 August 1771 when the court stated that the attachment was abated by the death of the defendant, Randal Bracey.

In 1765 it was ordered that Benjamin Hicks pay to Thomas Bracey 250 pounds of tobacco for 10 days attendance as a witness for him at court against John Williams. In the same year he obtained and attachment against the estate of Richard Liddle.

Thomas placed the following advertisement in the Virginia Gazette 25 October 1765: “Taken up, in Brunswick, a dark bay mare 4 feet 5 inches high, with a small white spot in her forehead, branded on the left shoulder 1 on buttock CC. Thomas Bracey.”

On 10 September 1792 Thomas Bracey bought two lots in St. Tamminy Town, number 47 and 48 on the plan or plot of the town. These were granted by the trustees of the town. Taxes were still being paid on these lots in 1858.

Thomas Bracey wrote his will on 10 April 1802. It was recorded on 28 June 1802. An invantory of his estate, taken 27 February 1804, included three beds, one couch, three trunks, two chests, one desk, two guns, a parcel of earthen ware, and pewter, one looking glass, four chairs, a parcel of books, etc. The inventory was witnessed by Lewis Hicks, Samuel Mosely, and John Bass.


WILLIAM FLOYD BRACEY, son of Thomas and Mary (Floyd) Bracey, bought 191 acres of land from William and Elizabeth Williams on 15 November 1823. This was bounded by Edward Wesson, Josiah Floyd, Daniel Hicks, James Husky, and John Taylor. He sold this property to Isaac Britt on 8 September 1836, at which time the boundaries were given as follows; north-Rattlesnake Creek;east-Josiah Floyd decd., south - Wm. Wright and Herod Clary, west- Ed. B. Hicks.

On 10 May 1781 the court approved payment to William Bracey for “one gun and cartridge box taken by Capt. James Harrison for the militia that joined the marquis.”

On 10 October 1780 a list of 21 slaves belonging to William Bracey was recorded in Brunswick Deed Book 14, 0. 105.


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