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PASCHAL HICKS BRACEY, film son of Samuel and Tabitha (Hicks) Bracey, was born 17 November 1804 in Lizzard Creek, Brunswick County, Virginia and died 31 May 1863 in St. Tammany, Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He married, first Mary Nancy Poyner on 13 August 1827 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. She died in 1832/33. He married Dorothy K. Turbeville on 9 December 1833 in Brunswick County, Virginia.(Ft) The Rev. Littleburg Orgain performed the ceremony. She died about one year later. He and Angelina Elizabeth Simmons were married by Q. McAden in Mecklenburg County on 4 October 1835.(Ft)

Children by his first marriage:

William Hicks Bracey
Hugh Davis Bracey

Child by his second marriage:

Olivia D Bracey

Children by his third marriage:

Virginius Samuel “Cap” Bracey
Altamont Hart “Mont” Bracey
Viola Angelina Bracey
Adolphus Watkins “Doll” Bracey
Abner Paschal “Pack” Bracey
Cornelius Ogburn “Nealy” Bracey
Estelle Missouri “Stella” Bracey

His father died when he was four years old. His mother moved to Tennessee around 1815 after her marriage to Benjamin King.

On 10 December 1830 Paschal "Peter" Bracey bought the property in Mecklenburg County where he spent the rest of his life. This property, 274 acres, was bought from Thomas Walker. “Beginning at a corner white oak on Parham’s Creek, thence down the creek as it meanders to Kings Corner red oak, thence N 44 degrees E to the St Tamnee road thence along said road to Allens Corner hickory, thence N 45 W to the beginning”. On this tract of land was his home, “Neville”. On 5 August 1836 he bought about 698 acres north of his property. He bought the mill and 6 1/2 acres of land on 10 March 1840. This was known and Thomas and Bracey and Bennett mill.

In 1857 Peter Bracey bought 616 acres of land at public auction at $7 per acre. This was the land where Charles King lived and died which was purchased by Charles and Wright King from Theophilus Field and wife, bounded by Bracey, Robert Tanner and O.M. Morse. This land had been patented by Theophilus Field .

Peter Bracey was a farmer, and enlarged and ran a mill. He loaned money, and charged interest. There were no banks at that time in this vicinity.

Peter Bracey wore a powdered wig. The story was told that once he was lying down in the back hall of “Neville”, (separated from the front hall by louvered folding blinds), when he was told that Armstead Boyd was coming. He jumped up and went to his room to put on his wig before seeing Mr. Boyd.

Parthenia Jones, (mother of Pattie Lambert-Bracey), and her sister, Mintie, were once visiting at the Baisey home and met Mr. Peter Bracey there. (He had promised Mr. Baisey at his death to look after his widow and children. He went regularly.) As he was leaving, he bowed to the young ladies and told them that they should meet his people.

Peter Bracey always carried a gun with him when he went out. He had a leather patch sewed on his coat shoulder to keep the coat from wearing out. It was thought he carried a gun because he was afraid the slaves might kill him.

When he died in 1863 an appraisal of his crops, furniture, and farm equipment, taken on 22 June 1863, showed his property to be worth $44,121.00+.


WILLIAM HICKS BRACEY, son of Paschal and Mary Nancy (Poyner) Bracey, was born 5 May 1829 and died in 1913 in Gainesville, Florida. He married Elizabeth A. Simmons on 2 December 1857. They lived first in the King house that his father bought at auction (later owned by Altamont Hart Bracey, Sr.). They moved to Florida at the end of the Civil War, and lived in Gainesville.

He graduated from Jefferson Medical School, Baltimore, as a dentist.

Williams was in the Confederate Army.(Ft)

William and Elizabeth had at least three children:

– William H. Bracey, b. abt 1858; d. bef 1870[Found on Bureau of Vital Statistics Birth Records 1853-1861] [Shown on the 1860 census, Mecklenburg County, Virginia]
Lola Bracey
Alva Bracey


HUGH DAVIS BRACEY, son of Paschal and Mary Nancy (Poyner) Bracey, born 31 March 1831 and died 8 March 1914 in DeLand, Florida. He was known as “Ball”. He graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Boydton, Virginia. He also graduated from medical school as a dentist. He served in the Confederate Army.(Ft) He married Frances O’Brian on 25 November 1851. They lived at one time at the place, which Peter Bracey had bought, known now as the Page place, later owned by the Lamberts.

He had six children by his first wife:

Cora O. Bracey
Florence Elizabeth Bracey
Nancy Bracey, b. abt 1858 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Hugh Vernon Bracey
Norma Frances Bracey
Geneva Augustus Bracey, b. abt 1865 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Hugh married second, a widow, Mary Cornelia DuPuis-Yongue who had 3 children of her own by her first marriage. They married 2 January 1878. She and Hugh had three children:

Monsel Bracey
Mabel Bracey
– Poyner Bracey, b. 30 April 1881 in Florida; d. 14 November 1898 in Florida


OLIVIA D. BRACEY, daughter of Paschal and Dorothy (Turbeville) Bracey. Family legend stats that Olivia died at the age of sixteen in Boydton, Virginia. She became sick while attending the graduation of her brother, Hugh, from Randolph-Macon College.

On 4 October 1835, Peter Bracey and Angelina Elizabeth Simmons were married.(Ft) Angelina Simmons was born 9 October 1815, and died 28 March 1883. Peter and Angelina had seven children.


VIRGINIUS SAMUEL(Ft) BRACEY, son of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born in December 1837 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died 21 July 1906 in Suffolk, Virginia of a blood clot. He married Annie Smith Riddick, daughter of Richard and Margaret (Copeland) Riddick on 7 May 1873 in Portsmouth, Virginia.(Ft) She was born 31 October 1931 and died 21 October 1901 in Suffolk, Virginia, of an asthma attack. They had one child:

– Margaret Elizabeth Bracey, b. 9 June 1875; d. 7 July 1877.(Ft)

Virginius fought in the Civil War, enlisting as a private in the Confederate Army on 16 May 1861 at the age of 23. He first enlisted in Company F, 14th Infantry Regiment, Virginia (“Chambliss Grays”) then transferred to Company A, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Virginia (“Boydton Cavalry”) on 14 April 1864.(Ft)

Before the Civil War, Virginius worked as a clerk in Petersburg, Virginia. After the war he was a telegraph operator and station agent for the Norfolk and Western at Ivor, Virginia. He moved to Suffolk, Virginia in 1866. On the census records of 1870, 1880, and 1900, Virginius is listed as living in Nansemond County, Virginia. In 1870 he is listed as "Keeping Bar"; in 1880, as "Merchant," with his father-in-law living with him; in 1900, his occupation was "Capitalist." And according to his obituary in Norfolk Virginian Pilot, 22 July 1906, (page 11) he had made a fortune in fur dealing.

In Mecklenburg County, he was known as "Cap" but in Suffolk he was known as "Judge."

According to family tradition Annie (Riddick) Bracey owned the Nansemond Hotel in Suffolk. And also family tradition says that after they sold the hotel they moved to St. Tammany. However, they were in Suffolk on the surviving censuses.  (1890 population census for Virginia burned.)

"Cap" told the following story about himself:

He was living in St. Tammany when the Seaboard Air Line Railway was being built through St. Tammany (now Bracey), about 1898-1900. On one winter day, in rainy and sleeting weather, he rode north from St. Tammany in the cab of the work car, with the engineer. As he got out, he fell and was knocked unconscious. Joe Hagood carried him to the office of his store and lay Cap on the floor in front of the open fire, to dry out. When he came back to consciousness, he was looking into the flames of the fire. His immediate thought was that he knew exactly what had happened -- he was dead and in hell. Then he turned over and looked the other way. There was his younger brother, Nealy. He knew something was wrong with that -- he knew Nealy wouldn’t be in hell.


VIOLA ANGELINA BRACEY, daughter of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born in 1845 and died 15 June 1871. She married John Wright King on 12 March 1862. He was born in 1825 and died in 1877. They had two children:(Ft)

Viola Bracey King
Mary Wright King, b. 25 September 1867; d. 3 November 1870 of Pneumonia

[The following notes were written by Mrs. A.H. (Pattie Lambert) Bracey on 15 February 1934:

“Mrs. Bowen told me that Mr. Wright King, Rheubin King, and Charles King were all brothers. Judge King (John Wright King who married Viola A. Bracey) was their nephew. Judge King went to live with his uncle, Wright King, when he was a boy, as he had adopted him. Wright King married Caroline Harvell - (Mrs. Sam Moore’s sister). Rheubin King was a bachelor and lived with his brother Wright, at the home Sam Warren now lives at. Judge King lived with them until he married Viola Bracey - Peter Bracey’s daughter. Judge King had the house built that Dr. Tom Smith now lives in. Dr. Smith married Judge King’s daughter, his only child, Ola King. Judge King and his family lived at his new house until he and his wife died. Wright King’s brother - Charles King, lived in the house that was Mont Bracey’s home afterwards. Charles King had only one child - a girl - she married Mansfield Seymour. They had two children - Mary and Charles Seymour.]

Charles King and Mrs. Baber were brother and sister. Mrs. Baber lived in a house near what is now Bracey depot. The Baber house in after years was torn down and the Betsy Basey house was built of it, about 2 1/2 or 3 miles east of the Bracey depot.

John Wright King graduated from William and Mary College. He studied law under Nat Thornton. He became the first judge of Mecklenburg County.


VIOLA BRACEY KING, daughter of John and Viola (Bracey) King, was born 3 January 1865 and died 30 January 1934. She married Dr. Thomas Benjamin Smith on 18 October 1881. He was born 15 September 1859 and died 15 October 1940. They had three children:

Mary King Smith
Thomas Benjamin Smith, Jr.
John Wright Smith


MARY KING SMITH, daughter of Thomas and Viola (King) Smith was born 31 October 1882 and died in 1958. She married Samuel Allen Warren on 30 October 1900. He was born in 1867 and died in 1934. They had three children:

– Herman Allen Warren, b. 17 July 1901; d. 24 March 1965
– Charles D. Warren, b. 9 July 1907; d. 17 September 1983
– Benjamin Hillsman Warren, b. 14 August 1909; d. June 1974


THOMAS BENJAMIN SMITH, JR., son of Thomas and Viola (King) Smith, was born 9 July 1885 and died 6 November 1910. He married Vera Frances Stephens on 9 December 1908. She was born 5 July 1886 and died 2 September 1910. They are both buried at Kingswood United Methodist Church, Bracey, Mecklenburg County, Virginia.


JOHN WRIGHT SMITH, son of Thomas and Viola (King) Smith, was born 2 April 1887 and died 7 April 1935. He married Emma Battle Harrison on 14 April 1909. She was born 10 November 1887 in Warren, North Carolina and died 2 January 1981 in Henderson, North Carolina. They had three children:

– Marie Smith, b. 9 April 1911; d. 12 August 1977
– Thomas Harrison Smith, b. 26 April 1916; d. 8 May 1999
– Emma Battle Smith, b. 7 August 1919; d. 21 November 2002


ADOLPHUS WATKINS BRACEY, son of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born 19 July 1846, and died 25 March 1925. He was known as “Doll”. He married first, Clara Cornelia Jefferson, second Laura W. Parker, third Nannie W. Evans, fourth Beatrice H. Savage, and fifth Georgie E. Savage.

“Doll” was considered to have a good singing voice and he enjoyed singing. He was well known also for his great physical strength. He served in the Confederate Army. He was around sixteen years of age when he volunteered.

“Doll’s first marriage was to Clara Cornelia Jefferson of Palmer Springs, Virginia (Ft) on 22 December 1868. The Jeffersons were known to be “aristocrats,” living at the “Old Jefferson Home.” She was born 16 October 1848 and died upon the birth of her son, Clarence Cornelius, 6 October 1877.

Children by first marriage:

Eva Bell Bracey
Herbert Adolphus Bracey
Clarence Cornelius Bracey

His second marriage was to Laura W. Parker of Enfield, North Carolina on 29 January 1879 in Enfield, North Carolina. She was born 19 September 1853 and died 28 April 1887 of neuralgia of the heart. Her parents were James Harvey and Mary Crosby (Scott) Parker.

Children by second marriage:

Cary Angeline Bracey
Mary Salome Bracey
– Lannis Wilmot Bracey, b. 11 February 1883; d. 17 February 1883(Ft)
Algernon Walton Bracey
Annie Laura Bracey

His third marriage was to Nannie Walker Evans of La Crosse, Virginia., on 16 November 1889. She was born about 1856 and died in August 1891 of consumption. They had no children.

His fourth marriage was to Beatrice Hamilton Savage on 24 June 1894. She was born 3 Oct 1867 and died on 4 September 1894 of tumors. They had no children.

His fifth marriage was to Georgie Etta Savage on 4 November 1896, she being the sister of his fourth wife and also the sister of his son’s (Algernon) wife.

Children by fifth marriage:

Gerald Virgil Bracey
Dorothy Randolph Bracey
Nita Parrish Bracey, b. 9 November 1901; d. 15 December 1996; m. first John Lewis Holcolm on 28 August 1927, and m. second J.C. Coston.
Adolphus Gee Bracey, b. 2 June 1904, d. 3 February 1920 of Meningitis.


EVA BELL BRACEY, daughter of Adolphus and Clara (Jefferson) Bracey, was born 15 June 1870 (Ft) and died 3 February 1936 in Judkins, North Carolina. She married Fletcher Bobbitt. They had seven children:

– Louis Myron Bobbitt, b. 11 April 1893; d. 9 April 1947
– Adolphus Bracey Bobbitt, b. 30 April 1896; d. 2 April 1986
– William Clifton Bobbitt, b. 27 November 1898; d. 26 February 1986
– Clara J[efferson] Bobbitt, b. 20 August 1902; d. 17 September 1977; m. Robert Hill Shaw
– Alice Brenice Bobbitt, b. abt. 1906
– Eva Belle Bobbitt, b. 19 November 1908; d. 18 September 1989
– Hilliard Fletcher Bobbitt, b. 25 December 1912; d. 11 December 2000; m. Ida Irene Giles


HERBERT ADOLPHUS BRACEY, son of Adolphus and Clara (Jefferson) Bracey, was born in 16 July 1876 and died 4 May 1908 (Ft) in Norfolk, Virginia. He married Minnie Evelyn Gregory on 7 September 1903 in Brewster, New York. She was born 31 July 1884 in Connecticut and died 7 February 1915. They had three children:

– Herbert Gregory Bracey, b. 21 July 1904; d. 5 January 1982 in Santa Clara, California
– William Royster Bracey, b. 18 July 1906; d. 13 August 1915
– Mary Elizabeth Bracey, b. 23 July 1908; d. May 1979, Sanford, North Carolina


CLARENCE CORNELIUS BRACEY, son of Adolphus and Clara (Jefferson) Bracey, was born in 6 October 1877 (Ft), and died 10 May 1953 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He married Josephine Green Harris on 10 June 1903. She was born 20 November 1883 in Virginia and died March 1967 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They didn't have any children.


CARY ANGELINE BRACEY, daughter of Adolphus Watkins and Laura (Parker) Bracey, was born 3 December 1880 and died 12 August 1947. She married Richard Andrew Elam on 25 August 1894. He was born 20 June 1864 and died 6 May 1942. They had nine children:

George Baskerville Elam
Mary Jeanette Elam
Laura Parker Elam
Nannie Cary Elam
Isla Bracey Elam
Andrew Gregory Elam
Arthur Thompson Elam
Christine Elizabeth Elam
Mary Louise Elam


MARY SALOME BRACEY, daughter of Adolphus Watkins and Laura (Parker) Bracey, was born 13 May 1881 and died 9 March 1920. She married George Gatling Martin on 4 January 1903. He was born 28 February 1880. They had eight children:

Leonard Bracey Martin
Rubie Gray Martin
Rhonda Pattie Martin
Norma Talmadge Martin
George Woodrow Martin
Mary Salome Martin
George Gatling Martin, Jr.
Ralph Sterling Martin


ALGERNON WALTON BRACEY, son of Adolphus Watkins and Laura (Parker) Bracey, was born 31 December 1883 and died on 11 April 1929 of a heart attack while assisting in the unloading of a railroad car at Hagood’s siding. (Marengo, Va.). He married Alie Evelyn Savage on 9 December 1902. She was the daughter of George Littleton Savage of Sussex County and Theresa Anne Hutchinson of South Hill, Virginia. “Algie” was a farmer, owning land near Bracey, Va. He was a great church worker and like his father, “Doll,” enjoyed singing. He had the misfortune, while cleaning out a well at his farm as a young man, of having a large bucket full of water and dirt fall upon him. He succeeded in getting out of the well under his own power, but for the remainer of his life had to wear a heavy leather brace for support. “Algie” and Alie had five children:

Lannis Dozier Bracey
Algernon Walton Bracey Jr.
Alva Parker Bracey
Myrtle Bracey
Earl Watkins Bracey


LANNIS DOZIER BRACEY, son of Algernon Walton and Alie (Savage) Bracey was born 19 April 1904 and died 26 September 1970(Ft). He remained unmarried and lived in Nashville, Tennessee.


ALGERNON WALTON BRACEY, JR., son of Algernon Walton and Alie (Savage) Bracey was born 6 November 1906 and died 27 June 1996(Ft). He married Ollie Virginia Rader, born 16 July 1911 and died 26 September 2006, from Marion, N.C. on 6 May 1934. “Poopsie,” as he was nicknamed, entered the 5&10 business as a young man. He then was with Rose’s 5-10-25 Stores and was manager of the store in Morganton, N.C. As a young man he was a very good baseball player. He played golf whenever he had any spare time. They had no children.


ALVA PARKER BRACEY, daughter of Algernon Walton and Alie (Savage) Bracey was born 4 December 1909 and died 1 March 1989 (Ft). She married John Maston Powell of Danville, Virginia on 7 October 1938. She was a supervisor with the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company, having worked for that company for over 20 years. They resided in Norfolk, Virginia., having no children.


MYRTLE BRACEY, daughter of Algernon Walton and Alie (Savage) Bracey was born 3 October 1911 and died 18 November 1988(Ft). She married William Royal Bennett of Marengo, Virginia on 24 December 1933. They had one child:

- Jean Bennett


EARL WATKINS BRACEY, son of Algernon Walton and Alie (Savage) Bracey was born 13 June 1921 and died 22 December 1981. He married Nancy Ware McAden, of Brunwick County on 4 August 1951. He attended Duke University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute receiving his B.S. and Master Degrees, and is head of the Business Education Department at one of the high schools in Norfolk, Virginia. He was an officer in the Navy during World War II. He must have inherited some of the musical talent his grandfather and father have, because he always sang a great deal and was regarded as having a good voice. They had two children:

Earl Bracey
Thomas Bracey


ANNIE LAURA BRACEY, daughter of Adolphus Watkins and Laura (Parker) Bracey, was born 1 October 1885 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and died 3 February 1946 in Littleton, North Carolina. She married William Thomas Person, on 18 October 1905 at Kingswood United Methodist Church, Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He was born 23 November 1878 in Southampton County, Virginia and died 6 June 1954 in North Carolina. They had six children:

Laura Frances Person
Mildred Ashton Person
Annie Daphne Person
Vivian Parker Person
Anne Randolph Person
Junius Watkins Person


GERALD VIRGIL BRACEY, son of Adolphus and Georgie (Savage) Bracey, was born 25 August 1897 and died 29 August 1946. He married Betty Webb on 26 August 1936. They had one child:

– Gerald Bracey


DOROTHY RANDOLPH BRACEY, daughter of Adolphus and Georgie (Savage) Bracey, was born 20 June 1899 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died 5 June 1979 in Deland, Volusia County, Florida. She married Laurance Hooten Botts on 22 November 1924. He was born 24 January 1887 and died 14 February 1946 in DeLand, Florida. They had three children:

– Laurance Bracey Botts
– Nita Botts
– Jane Botts


ABNER PASCHAL BRACEY, son of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born 25 July 1849 and died 7 July 1914. He was known as "Pack". He married Martha "Pattie" Elizabeth Hite on 14 December 1870. They had at least fourteen children:

Mary Elizabeth Bracey
Maggie Bracey, b. 26 December 1873; d. 28 January 1909
Olivia Bracey, b. 12 August 1875; d. 21 February 1929
Lura James Bracey
– Baby Girl Bracey, b. 5 January 1878; d. 12 January 1878
Annie Myrtle Bracey
Virginius Cameron Bracey
Robert Paschal Bracey, b. 15 October 1883; d. 8 August 1918
Jennie Linda Bracey
Estelle Bracey, b. 15 November 1887; d. 29 October 1933
Hugh Osborne Bracey
Pattie Hite Bracey
Ethel Riddick Bracey
Henley Bracey, b. 5 September 1895; d. 10 March 1896


MARY ELIZABETH BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 29 November 1871 and died 25 September 1951. She married William Paschal Bracey.


LURA JAMES BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 27 June 1877 and died 1960. She married James Samuel Gordon on 26 December 1917. He was born in 1863 and died in 1942. They had one child:

James Samuel Gordon, Jr.(Ft) b. 10 December 1918; d. July 1942. Killed in action in WWII.


ANNIE MYRTLE BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 21 August 1880 and died 14 June 1957. She married Samuel Thomas Moore, Jr., on 22 October 1917 in Bracey, Virginia. He was born 21 February 1868 and died June 1955.

Samuel Thomas Moore, III., b. 14 August 1918; d. 11 May 1998
Elizabeth Moore


VIRGINIUS CAMERON BRACEY, son of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 8 April 1882 and died 8 June 1948. He married Evelyn Mais Jones on 26 April 1911. They had at least two children:

– James H. Bracey, b. 17 June 1917; d. 10 June 1944 in Riverside, California
– Virginia Bracey, b. abt 1922; m. John Livingston McGowan, Sr.


JENNIE LINDA BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 26 September 1885 in St. Tammany, Virginia and died 27 November 1971 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. She married Waverly Hite Butterworth on 18 June 1914 at Kingswood United Methodist Church, Bracey, Virginia. He was born 5 June 1881 and died 29 February 1972 in South Hill, Virginia. They had one child:

Virginia Lee Butterworth, b. 13 May 1919; d. 13 March 1922


HUGH OSBORNE BRACEY, son of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 8 August 1889 or 1891(Ft) and died 22 March 1946 in New Jersey. He first married, Fanny Peyton Tabb on 10 June 1912. Fanny died in 1913. He then married Pearl Bartholow on 15 June 1915. Pearl died 22 September 1935.


PATTIE HITE BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 13 November 1891 St. Tammany, Virginia and died 29 August 1980 in North Carolina.(Ft). She married Paul Thomas Hickling on 19 April 1922. He was born 18 August 1896 in Ohio and died 2 April 1930 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. They had two child:

Infant Hickling, b. & d. 9 June 1923 in Asheville, North Carolina
Paul Thomas Hickling, Jr.


PAUL THOMAS HICKLING, JR, son of Paul and Pattie (Bracey) Hickling, was born 28 August 1924. He married Polly Anne Sawyer. She was born 11 May 1924 in South Carolina and died 15 July 2007 in Asheville, North Carolina. They had two children.


ETHEL RIDDICK BRACEY, daughter of Abner and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, was born 24 June 1893 in St. Tammany, Virginia and died 15 April 1974 in Washington DC (Ft). She married George Albert Morlock. He was born 15 May 1893 in Winchendon, Massachusetts and died 23 January 1959 in Washington DC (Ft) . They had one child:

Harry K. Morlock


CORNELIUS OGBURN BRACEY, son of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born 9 December 1851 and died 18 March 1912. He was known as “Nealy”. On 25 October 1876 he married Alice Goode Boyd. They had five children:

Virginia Hendrick Bracey, b. 25 August 1877; d. May 1936; m. Marvin Smithy on 3 October 1906
Viola May Bracey
Pannie Boyd Bracey, b. 9 September 1885; d. 11 November 1904
Emma Grey Bracey
James Hendrick Bracey, b. 21 February 1892; d. 27 December 1900 (Ft)

“Nealy” played the violin. He owned a very valuable one. Everyone always spoke of him as a polished gentleman.


VIOLA MAY BRACEY, daughter of Cornelius and Alice (Boyd) Bracey, was born 15 June 1879 and died 6 July 1953. She married Virginius Garland Davis on Dec. 17, 1902. (Ft) They had five children:

Virginius Malcome Davis, b. 26 April 1904; m. Lydia Dobles Sagrade of Costa Rica on Feb. 15, 1931, ch: Nancy Davis, Agnes Davis, and Wallace Davis.
Pannie Boyd Davis, b. 16 October 1906
Alice Caroline Davis, b. 29 July 1909; m. William Edward Dugger on 24 December 1930.
Cornelius "Nealy" Bracey Davis, b. 3 February 1913; d. 21 August 1992
Viola Mable Davis, b. 16 June 1915; d. 14 November 1994; m. R.C. Hines on 8 October 1941.


EMMA GREY BRACEY, daughter of Cornelius and Alice (Boyd) Bracey, was born 26 January 1888 and died 27 November 1921. She married Laurance Hooten Botts on 16 February 1916 at her home, "Neville" Bracey, Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

– Baby Boy Botts, b. 25 November 1921; d. 25 November 1921, Richmond, Virginia


ESTELLA MISSOURI BRACEY, daughter of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born June 10, 1854 and died 12 February 1935. She was known as "Stella". She married William Jackson Jones, on 20 December 1871. He was born 17 January 1850 and died 25 September 1902. They were married by Rev. James McAden. They had ten children:

Viola Virginia Jones
Cornelius Paschal Jones
Mary Elizabeth Jones
William Thomas Jones
Alice Lee Jones
Norman Bracey Jones
Lottie Estelle Jones
Nellie Brook Jones
John Wesley Jones
Pattie Mabel Jones

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