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ALTAMONT "Mont" HART BRACEY, film son of Paschal and Angelina (Simmons) Bracey, was born 20 July 1841 and died 16 July 1917. He was known as “Mont”. He married first, Martha "Pattie" Alevia Jones of Lombardy Grove on 2 Dec 1863. They had six children:

Lelia Altamont Bracey
Alvis Orville Bracey
William Paschal Bracey
Waller Taylor Bracey
Annie Riddick Bracey
Maude Louisa Bracey

Altamont married second, Pattie Lambert of St. Tammany, Virginia on 11 October 1899 in Washington DC. She was the daughter of George and Parthenia (Jones) Lambert. She was born 10 October 1871 and died 9 July 1950. There were four children by the second marriage:

Altamont Hart Bracey
Infant, b. & d. 23 March 1908
Carstairs Bracey, b. 17 December 1909; d. 21 January 1910
Haseltine Carstairs Bracey

When he was a little boy, Altamont Hart Bracey one day went walking with his father and Mr. Robert Tanner. They came to a gully which the two men jumped over the “Horse”, as his father affectionately called Altamont, was too small to jump it. Mr. Tanner teased him and offered to help him over. Altamont said that was all right; he could run up to where he could cross over and run down the other side to them. He did. Mr. Tanner was so much impressed by his independence, that he, not having any children, wanted to adopt Altamont, but Peter would not consider it.

“Mont” served in the Confederate Army in the cavalry.(Ft) He was in the battle of Williamsburg and in the Gettysburg Campaign. Whenever possible, he arranged furloughs to come home, by agreeing to bring back a fresh horse to his commanding officer. This happened so often that he rode his horse by way of the creek branches as he neared home so that the neighbors would not remark about his frequent furloughs.

During the war Confederate money was highly inflated. Shortly before the Confederate Army surrendered Petersburg to the Union Army, “Mont” spent several hundrad dollars (all he had) of Confederate money for a meal. He foresaw that soon it would be worth nothing. A few weeks later Lee surrendered at Appomatox. “Mont” and Mr. Alex Pulley walked home from Appomatox.

At the divistion of Peter Bracey’s property after he died in 1863, “Mont” received the “King” house and forty acres of land. He married Martha "Pattie" Jones the same year. At the close of the war, when everyone was selling out and moving west or south, “Mont” asked Colonel Baskerville for advice about doing the same. Colonel Baskerville advised him to stay, on the grounds that this part of the country would become more valuable with time. In 1865 “Mont” moved to the King house, with his wife and child, but with no money. Farming prospered. “Mont”, like the Braceys before him, bought and sold land.

Around 1880 he bought St. Tammany ferry. In the Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1762, we find that there was a petition by the people on the south side of the Roanoke in the county of Lunenburg for a public ferry on the lands of Richard Fox. (Mecklenburg was formed from Lunenburg two years later.) In 1771 Fox sold his land and ferry to James Blanton. A group of men attempted to form a town at Blanton’s ferry in 1792 and named it St. Tammany. A plot of the town was made. Lots were sold. Thomas Bracey bought two of them. In 1820 the Roanoke River Navigation Co. was formed. They operated bateaus from Gaston, N.C. to Clarksville, Va. One of the loading stations was St. Tammany, where they had a storage house. Several stores were built in St. Tammany.

After James Blanton died the ferry passed to other owners. On Jan. 18, 1819 Ebenezer and Frances Macgowan sold to Richard Boyd of Warren County, N.C., lot No. 6 in St. Tammany. On Dec. 31, 1834

Edward Watkins, trustee of John Hinton, sold to Samuel H. Goode and David W. Thomas for $750 “one half of the ferry across Roanoke at St. Tammany called Blantons, embracing one half of the landing on both sides of the River and between two and three acres of land on the north side of said River attached to the ferry landing, with all the houses ways and water courses thereunto belonging.”On Aug. 9, 1838 Samuel Goode and Mary E. Goode, his wife, sold to Amistead G. Boyd for $1000 “all intrest in one half the ferry across Roanoke at St. Tammany called Blantons” and “interest in a lot No. 6 in St. Tammany purchased by richard Boyd whereon the store house now stands”......

On Dec. 4, 1840 Pleasant Ellington sold to “Robert J. Boyd and Armistead G. Boyd, Partners Trading under the form and style of ‘Ro J. and A.G. Boyd’ at St. Tammany, Mechlenburg County, Virginia”, for $100 “all his interest in the first four rows of lots, formerly belonging to Blanton, lying on the west side of the St. Tammany Road leading to the ferry formerly called Blanton’s Ferry, with the buildings thereon” and about three acres of land. On March 25, 1844 William H. Boyd sold to Armistead G. Boyd, for $5,000 “all his interest in one half of the Ferry across Roanoke River at St. Tammany together with all the boat ways, means and fixtures thereunto attached, also the Store House and Houses with the Lots”, etc., “also all the Goods, Wares, Merchandise, bonds, Accounts, deeds of Trust, Loans and all other conveyances made to and known as Boyd and Brother.” Nathaniel Thornton heired the ferry. He willed it to Nathan Ashly Macklin, Aug. 5, 1885, date of will. N.M. Thornton also owned Blacks ferry and willed it to Nathan Ashly Macklin, August 5, 1885. At the sale of his property after his death, the ferry and property were bought by “Mont” Bracey.

“Mont” also owned a blacksmith shop, a store, a mill, a distillery whih his brother “Pack” operated, and an interest in a cotton gin. He had a drug store and sold “Carstairs” whiskey. The “Carstairs” saleman had been told to look for a hunting place in Virginia for Mr. J. Haseltine Carstairs, owner of the Carstairs distillery. He lived in Philadelphia, Pa. This section of the country appealed to him. Mr. Carstairs, known as “Hase” Carstairs, spent several hunting season with Mr. A.H. "Mont" Bracey, who became his close friend. Later Mr. Carstairs bought the Emory farm which he named “Stoneland”, now the home of Thomas Bracey. “Mont’s youngest son, Haseltine Carstairs Bracey and two of his grandsons, Lucius Haseltine Bracey, and Carstairs Hendrick Bracey, were named for Mr. J.H. Carstairs.


LELIA ALTAMONT BRACEY, daughter of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 20 September 1864. She married Richard Wortham Spilman(Ft) on 14 March 1885. He was born 22 July 1860. They had one child:

Wortham Anderson Spilman


WORTHAM ANDERSON SPILMAN, son of Richard and Lelia (Bracey) Spilman on 28 July 1888(Ft) and died December 1977(Ft). He married Louise Wilmer.(Ft)

Wortham Anderson Spilman, Jr.
Arthur Wilmer Spilman, b. 19 July 1925; d. 22 March 2003


ALVIS ORVILLE BRACEY, son of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 25 March 1867 and died 22 May 1941. He married Nannie R. Hendrick on 15 January 1890 She was born 9 July 1868 and died 1 December 1957. They had eight children:

Wilbur Rivers Bracey
Hendrick Altamont Bracey
Lucius Hazeltine Bracey
Alvis Orville Bracey, Jr
Nancy Esther Bracey
Blanton Hillsman Bracey
Thomas Bracey
Alva Lorraine “Dollbaby” Bracey


WILBUR RIVERS(Ft) BRACEY, son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 4 November 1890 and died 27 August 1985(Ft). He married Emma Martin on 10 September 1909. She was born 10 January 1886 in North Carolina. Wilbur graduated from Medical College of Virginia. He practiced medicine in Richmond, Virginia. He was on staff at the Community Hospital, South Hill, Virginia.


HENDRICK ALTAMONT(Ft) BRACEY, son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 13 March 1899 and died 15 March 1972(Ft). He married first Ida Lee on 3 May 1932. She died in 1935. He married second Pauline McClellan on 17 March 1949. She was born 25 July 1909 in Anniston, Alabama and died 11 November 1962 in West Virginia. He was associated with Stevens Clinic Hospital, Welch, West Virginia. (1955).


LUCIUS HAZELTINE BRACEY, son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 17 June 1901 and died in Dec 1963. He graduated from Randolph-Macon College and Medical College of Virginia. He practiced medicine in South Hill, Virginia. He married Gladys Vivian Yancey on 20 February 1934. She was born 30 August 1904 in South Hill, Virginia and died 21 April 2002 in Charlottesville, Virginia. They had one child:

Lucius Bracey


ALVIS ORVILLE BRACEY, JR., son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 7 June 1903 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died 30 July 1981 in Elbert County, Georgia. He married Mary Annette Lunsford on 7 February 1931. She was born 24 December 1909 and died 20 January 1999 in Elberton, Georgia. They lived in Georgia. They had one child:

Alvis Orville Bracey, III.


ALVIS ORVILLE BRACEY, III, son of Alvis and Mary (Lunsford) Bracey, was born 3 January 1936 in Georgia and died 14 November 1989(Ft) in Fulton County, Georgia. He married Susan Lesley. They had two children.


NANCY ESTHER BRACEY, daughter of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 8 April 1905 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died 2 August 1997 in South Hill, Virginia. She married Charles Allen Dunn on 21 December 1927. He was born 26 January 1905 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died 10 May 1970 in Bracey, Virginia.


BLANTON HILLSMAN BRACEY, son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 26 January 1907 and died 16 December 1947. He married Jean Frances Smith on 20 March 1936. They had two children:

Blanton Bracey
Francis S. Bracey, b. 21 May 1947; d. 6 June 1976


THOMAS BRACEY, son of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 23 September 1909 and died March 1979 in Bracey, Virginia. He married Annie Jones Walker on 11 November 1933.


ALVA LORRAINE “DOLLBABY” BRACEY, daughter of Alvis Orville and Nannie (Hendrick) Bracey, was born 25 June 1911 and died 17 February 1994 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.(Ft) She married Charles William Cleaton on 25 November 1929. He was born 6 November 1899 and died 3 June 1972 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. They had one child:

Charles Cleaton


WILLIAM PASCHAL BRACEY, son of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 31 March 1869 and died in 1948. He married Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bracey, daughter of Abner Paschal and Pattie (Hite) Bracey, on 13 April 1898.


WALLER TAYLOR BRACEY, son of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 19 January 1873 and died 22 September 1960 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He married Nannie T. Bowen on 4 December 1894. She was born 17 October 1875 and died 27 June 1952 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. They had two children:

Mabel Pattie Bracey
Gladys Lucille Bracey


MABEL PATTIE BRACEY, daughter of Waller Taylor and Nannie (Bowen) Bracey, was born 10 March 1896 and died 12 October 1918. She married Hunter Wilmer Sims on 27 November 1917. They had one child:

Mabel Bracey Sims, b. 12 October 1918; d. 27 January 2004; m. William Arlington Hite on 24 November 1945


GLADYS LUCILLE BRACEY, daughter of Waller Taylor and Nannie (Bowen) Bracey, was born 23 May 1907 and died 22 October 1975 in Bracey, Virginia. She married Roy L. Bonney on 23 November 1943. He was born 26 January 1892 and died March 1974 in Bracey, Virginia. They had two children:

Mary Bowen Bonney, b. 30 December 1947; d. 4 June 2000
Roy L. Bonney, Jr.


ANNIE RIDDICK BRACEY, daughter of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 10 July 1876 and died 10 September 1955. She married William Ernest Rose, son of Latinus Irving Rose on 15 November 1899. He was born 30 June 1859 and died 9 February 1913. They had six children:

Evelyn Burress Rose
Ernest Blair Rose b. 8 April 1903; d. August 1985
Maude Allevia Rose
– Daphne Bracey Rose, b. abt 1908
Annie Lelia Rose, b. 21 August 1910
Bernice McKoy Rose, b. 11 June 1913


MAUDE LOUISA BRACEY, daughter of Altamont Hart and Pattie A. (Jones) Bracey, was born 15 November 1880 and died in 1954. She married Benjamin Drewry Pennington on 24 October 1906. They had one child:

– Drewry Edward Pennington


DREWRY EDWARD PENNINGTON, son of Benjamin and Maude (Bracey) Pennington, was born 7 July 1907 and died 28 October 1990. He married Winnie Wortham. She was born 2 February 1913 and died 29 June 1998 in Brodnax, Virginia. They had two children:

Betty Drewry Pennington, b. 25 Janurary 1935; d. 1 November 1999
Clara Louise Pennington


ALTAMONT HART BRACEY, JR., son of Altamont Hart and Pattie (Lambert) Bracey, was born 4 October 1900 and died 11 September 1959. He married Louisa Fenton Garnett Williamson on 31 March 1936. She was born 19 April 1913 in Bluefield, West Virginia and died August 1982 in South Hill, Virginia. They had three children:

Altamont Hart “Monty” Bracey, III. , b. 29 July 1938; d. November 1978 (Ft)
Carstairs Bracey
Robert Bracey


HASELTINE CARSTAIRS BRACEY, son of Altamont Hart and Pattie (Lambert) Bracey, was born 10 November 1911 in Bracey, Virginia and died 5 August 1993 in Bracey, Virginia. He married Verna Gertrude Palmer on 10 April 1950 in Doswell, Virginia. She was born 17 February 1918 in East Moriches, New York and died 30 April 1996 in Bracey, Virginia. They had three children:

– Susan Bracey
Hazel Patricia Bracey, b. 5 January 1954; d. 31 January 1954
– Carol Bracey

Carstairs Bracey attended The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va.


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