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This genealogy on the Bracey Family of Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, was written by Mr. and Mrs. Carstairs Bracey of Bracey, Va. It was written back in 1955 and hasn't been fully updated. The whole thing needs rewriting, and updating but I thought it should be posted as is until it can be rewritten.

If you have any additions to add or know of any changes, please let us know.

The images next to some of the names in all of the genealogies indicate that we have a photograph of that person. Just click on the image and the photo will come up. The same photos are also located in the Photo Album.

Some web sites out there about the Bracey and Lambert families have posted incorrect information about Altamont Hart Bracey, Sr. and his family. They have him listed as dying in 1950 and provide a "Reference" for it. We can asure you that that is very incorrect and the "Reference" is also wrong. Altamont Hart Bracey, Sr. died July 16, 1917. They have also listed Pattie Lambert Bracey dying in 1966. She died on July 9, 1950.








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