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ROBERT HICKS, perhaps son of Robert Hicks of Charles City County, was born about 1658. He married, first, Winifred Evans, daughter of John and Mary Evans, before 1690. He married, second, Frances. He died in 1738/9. He had at least two children by his first marriage:

– Daniel Hicks, d. 1735
Robert Hicks , d. 1737

He had ten children by his second marriage:

– George Hicks
James Hicks , b.c. 1708-1710; d. 1761
– Tabitha Hicks, m. Thomas Jacobs; ch.: Thomas, John
– Charles Hicks, d. 1745
– Frances Hicks, m. Richard Ransom; ch.: Elizabeth, James, Robert
– Martha Hicks, m. John Beddingfield; ch.: John
– Elizabeth Hicks, m. John or Edmund Irby; ch.: William, James
– Rachael Hicks, m. Matthias Davis
– John Hicks, d.c. 1760
– Mary, m. Samuel Clark, Jr.

Robert Hicks may have married Winifred Evans about 1680. They lived in Charles City County, probably in the part of the county which later was cut off to become Prince George County.

Robert Hix was drunk in court on 13 April 1693, and was committed to the stocks by command of the court. (Charles City Orders, 1693, p. 456)


ROBERT HICKS, son of Robert and Winifred (Evans) Hicks, was born about 1680-1685. He married Elizabeth Urvin, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Urvin. They had at least six children:

– Winifred Hicks
– Nathaniel Hicks, m. Mary
– Martha Hicks
– Sarah Hicks
– Mary Hicks
– Elizabeth Hicks, m. Thomas Lanier (b. 1722, d. 1805)


JAMES HICKS, son of Robert and Frances Hicks, was born about 1708-1710. He married first, Martha and second, Faith. He and Martha had:

– Benjamin Hicks, m. Martha Floyd
Robert Hicks, m. Rebecca Harrison
– Patty Hicks, m. Benjamin Harrison (Jr.)
– Mary Hicks, m. David Lanier

With Faith they had:

– James Hicks, m. Frances
– Lewis Hicks, m. Sarah
– Frances Hicks, m. Durham Hall
– John Hicks, m. Rachel Willams


ROBERT HICKS, son of James and Martha Hicks, was born about 1735-40. He married Rebecca Harrison of Mecklenburg and Brunswick Counties. They had:

– Paschal Hicks, m. Lucy Hall on 27 April 1807
– Abner Harrison Hicks, d. 1818
– Lucy Hicks, m. Sackfield Bracey in 1784 (b. 1768, d. 1850)
– Hamlin Hicks, m. Jean Powell on 11 April 1808
– Frances Hicks, m. James
Tabitha Hicks , m. Samuel Bracey
– Mary Hicks, m. William Atkinson
– Benjamin Hicks, m. Frances Elizabeth Bracey
– Isaac Hicks

Robert Hicks was a processioner in Brunswick County, 28 September 1759. (St. Andrews Vestry Book)

On 24 June 1760 Robert Hicks of Brunswick county bought from John and Rebecca Stevens, Jr., of Brunswick 2 (53) acres in Brunswick county, adjoining John Stevens, Benj. Seewells, James Hicks, being land “on which the said John Stevens now lives.” Rec. 27 July 1760. (B.D.B. 6, p. 720)

Robert Hicks was guardian for his brothers James and Lewis and for his sister Frances Hicks in 1761, 1762, 1763 and 1764. (Guardian Accounts, Book 1, pp. 154, 183, 225) His brother, Benjamin, was guardian for their sister Mary and brother John. (Idem, p. 155, 1762)


TABITHA HICKS, daughter of Robert and Rebecca (Harrison) Hicks. She married Samuel Bracey, son of Thomas and Mary (Floyd) Bracey, on 1 April 1795. They had six children:

Harrison Hyram Bracey
Thomas Harrison Bracey
Hugh Bracey
Paschal Hicks Bracey
Rebecca H. Bracey
Tabitha S. Bracey

Tabitha Hicks and Samuel Bracey were married by the Rev. Edward Dromgoole. She was “under the age of 21 years” according to the marriage bonds. Hamlin Hicks was a witness.

Samuel Bracey died in December 1808. A sale of some of his estate was held at his late residence on Friday the 23d day of December 1808. Tabitha Bracey bought most of the furniture, sheep, corn, etc. (B.W.B. 7, 349)

On 4 January 1815 she married Benjamin King. She moved to Tennessee with at least two of her children, Tabitha S. and Harrison H. Bracey. In August of 1818 her daughter, Tabitha, was appointed a guardian, Samuel Huff, in Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

On 13 November 1826 Paschel Bracey was given the power of attorney for his mother, Tabitha King, of Robertson Co., Tenn., to secure her part of her mother’s estate. (B.D.B. 27, p. 212) Tabitha King apparently died about 1828.

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