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This is tree is taken from the Lambert genealogy written by Verna P. Bracey. This is meant as a stepping off tool for others looking into the Lambert family. The genealogy wasn't footnoted so I can't guarantee any of the information here. But as I research the Lamberts I will make changes wherever needed.


WILLIAM LAMBERT, perhaps son of William Lambert of Westmoreland County, was born in 1659. He married Anne Bradshaw, daughter of Robert and Ann Bradshaw. They had at least eight children:

– Hugh Lambert
– Mary Lambert
– Ellinor Lambert
– Garves Lambert, d. 6 October 1732
– Anne Lambert, b. 14 February 1699
– William Lambert, b. 1 August 1701
– John Lambert, b. 25 November 1702
– Elizabeth Lambert, b. 4 December 1704; m. Adkins


HUGH LAMBERT, son of William and Anne (Bradshaw) Lambert, was born about 1690. He married Anne. They had at least nine children:

– Richard Lambert, b. 14 February 1715
– Hugh Lambert, b. 4 May 1718
– William Lambert, b. 16 January 1720/ 1721
– John Lambert, b. 19 April 1722
– Lewis Lambert, b. 19 August 1724
– Thomas Lambert, b. 1 October 1726
– Lorana Lambert, b. 5 August 1729; m. James Kirke
– Ann Lambert
– Mildred Lambert


JOHN LAMBERT, son of William and Anne (Bradshaw) Lambert, was born 25 November 1702. He married, first Frances, who died 27 June 1741. He married, second, Elizabeth. John and Frances Lambert had seven children born in Richmond County, Virginia.

– Jane Lambert, b. 27 November 1724
– Cleaton Lambert, b. 2 April 1727
– Percus Lambert, b. 15 April 1731
– Sarah Lambert, b. 29 September 1733
– Joseph Lambert, b. 18 September 1735
– John Wade Lambert, b. 30 August 1738
– Jarvis Lambert, b. 9 March 1740


JOSEPH LAMBERT, son of John and Frances Lambert, was born 18 September 1735. He married Elizabeth. They had at least four children:

– Lydd Lambert
– Libby Lambert, m Matthew Smith
– Mourning Lambert, m. Randolph Sturdivant
– Julius Lambert, b. abt 1773

Joseph Lambert was in the French and Indian War, which lasted from 1754 to 1763.


JULIUS LAMBERT, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Lambert, was born about 1773. He married, first Jinsey Brooks, daughter of Robert and Brambly Brooks, on 14 December 1796. He married, second, Jane Thomas, daughter of David Thomas. He had possibly seven children by his first marriage and two by his second marriage.

– Martin Foster Lambert, b. 1801
– Baxter Lambert, b. 1804
– Lucas M. Lambert, b. 1807
– Martha Lambert, m. Sterling Crowder
– Rebecca Lambert, m. Fox Hunter
– Elizabeth Lambert
– Bramly Lambert

Children from the second marriage:

– Jane Lambert, m. William F. Wade
– Son Lambert, b. after 1820


MARTIN FOSTER LAMBERT, son of Julius and Jinsey (Brooks) Lambert, was born in 1801. He married Mary Carroll, who was born in 1814 and died about 1880. Their license was issued in Warrenton, North Carolina on December 1836.

– Daniel Lambert, b. 8 September 1837
– Amanda Melvina Fitzhue Lambert, b. 27 July 1839
– Rosa Althia Frances Roy Todd Lambert, b. 22 April 1842
– Martin VanBuren Lambert, b. 1841; m. Adaline
– Mary Brooks Lambert, b. 27 July 1849; m. W. P. Gholson
– James Jordan Lambert, b. 25 August 1851
– William Richard Lambert, b. 20 May 1854
– Lucy C. Lambert, b. 1858


MARY BROOKS LAMBERT, daughter of Martin and Mary (Carroll) Lambert, was born 27 July 1849. She married William Perry Gholson who died in 1889. She died in April 1896. They had eight children:

– William Perry Gholson, b. 18 September 1882; m. Jane Farrar
– Mollie Gholson, b. 1878; m. H. A. Smith
– Daisey Allen Gholson, b. March 1880; m. Selden Mitchell
– Norman Gholson, b. March 1884; m. Sarah Bugg
– Ola Gholson, b. 25 October 1885; m. A. G. Hayes
– son Gholson
– Grover Durrell Gholson, b. 22 September 1887; m. Thelma Averett
– daughter Gholson, d. age 11


WILLIAM RICHARD LAMBERT, son of Martin and Mary (Carroll) Lambert, was born 20 May 1854. He married Rebeccah Vaughan. They had three children:

– Martin Lambert
– Mattie Lambert
– Annie Lambert


ROSA ALTHIA FRANCES ROY TODD LAMBERT, daughter of Martin and Mary (Carroll) Lambert, was born April 22, 1842. She married Henry John Palmer who was born 19 April 1844 in Whittlesea, England. They were married on 28 March 1867. She died 4 June 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio. Henry John Palmer died in Cleveland, Ohio on 2 July 1920. They had nine children:

– Alice Bundy Palmer, b. 4 May 1869; d. 20 April 1929; m. 1st. George Coath in 1890. He died 1908; m. 2nd Rothacker
– Beulah May Palmer, b. 1 July 1870; d. 1920
– Effie Florence Palmer, b. 2 October1871; m. Clarence Leroy Emerson
– William Henry Palmer, b. 8 November 1872; d. 1874
– Esther Henry Palmer, b. 20 September 1874; d. August 1893
– Mildred Howell Palmer, b. 31 August 1876; m. Will Towsley
– Paul Edgar Palmer, b. 13 September 1877; m. Clara Charlotte Winzenried
– Willard Oscar Palmer, b. 5 October 1880; m. Sarah Vincent
– Hugh Wilfred Palmer, b. 12 June 1883; d. 14 August 1939; m. Mary Youngman in 1905


AMANDA MELVINA FITZHUE LAMBERT, daughter of Martin and Mary (Carroll) Lambert, was born 27 July 1839. She married W. W. Perkinson on 30 May 1860.


BAXTER LAMBERT, son of Julius and Jinsey (Brooks) Lambert, was born 1804 and died in 1866. He married Martha E. Jones, daughter of Frederick and Eleanor (Brooks) Jones. The marriage bond was lssued on Sept. 25, 1830, in Warrenton, N.C. Fox Hunter was the bondsman. M. M. Drake was witness. Baxter and Martha had thirteen children:

– George Dawson Lambert, b. 11 July 1831; d. 14 April 1902
– Joseph Lambert, b. 27 March 1833; married Penelope Bennett
– Robert B. Lambert, b. 12 December 1834;
– Lewis F. Lambert, b. 26 May 1836;
– Susan J. Lambert, b. 2 December 1837; m. J. L. Crowder
– Andrew J. Lambert, b. October 31, 1839
– Harriet Lambert, b. 11 April 1841; d. 11 April 1850
– Martha E. Lambert, b. 12 October 1843; m. Samuel A. Tutor on 12 December 1867
– Stephen J. Lambert, b. 26 May 1845; m. Alice Cole
– Benjamin F. Lambert, b. 24 March 1847
– James B. Lambert, b. 10 June 1849; d. after 1889 in Kansas
– Annie W. Lambert, b. 29 October 1851; d. 30 July 1923; married first Charles H. Lawson on 2 February 1870. He died 25 September 1885; she married second Grief C. Binford on 15 January 1890. He was born 28 August 1846 and died 18 December 1920. (from her bible)
– Unknown Lambert

In 1868 A. H. Bracey was guardian for Baxter’s children, Annie W. and James B., and so until 1871.

Martha E. Lambert died between 19 October 1867 and 28 October 1867, after a seven month’s illness. There were only seven legatees mentioned in the settling of her estate. Both Baxter and Martha his wife died intestate. George D. Lambert was administrator of both estates.


GEORGE DAWSON LAMBERT, son of Baxter and Martha E. (Jones) Lambert, was born 11 July 1831 and died Monday, 14 April 1902. He married Parthenia Jones, daughter of Zachariah and Permelia (Rottenberry) Jones, on Wednesday, 20 October 1869. Parthenia (Jones) Lambert was born 16 August 1830, and died 7 February 1902. They had one child:

– Pattie Lambert, b. 10 October 1871; d. 9 July 1950; m. Altamont Hart Bracey

George Lambert was born in the vicinity of St. Tammany, in a house which later burned, but was the same property where he build in 1867, south of the Nellie Jones Road. He built the house by himself, even making the brick in the chimney stem. (The rest of the chimney is rock.) He also made some furniture.

He was overseer on various plantations prior to the Civil War: first for Mrs. Caroline King next for John H. Taylor at Townsville, N.C.; and lastly for Col. William Baskerville, Lombardy Grove. At Caroline King’s he would ask for the “batter bread”. She would say, “It’s egg bread.” He would reply, “I’ll call it egg bread when you put and egg in it.”

He said that Col. Baskerville, not realizing the slaves needed more food for the amount of work they did, did not allot enough food for them. As overseer, he told them to take a sheep and kill it for food. They were not allowed to have guns, so they would take a plank out of a bridge, herd the sheep, and run them across the bridge. One or two slaves would be under the bridge. They would put their hands through the place where the plank had been removed abnd grab a sheep by the foot and pull it down.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the Confederate Army. He was at the Battle of Gettysburg. He didn’t expect to live throught it. He made up his mind, if he did live, he’d never leave home again. He was impressed by the farming in Pennsylvania. After the war, he built his barn, a log barn, on the Pennsylvanias principle of having an overhanging second storey. At the close of the war, he walked home from Appamattox. He then worked as overseer for Col. Baskerville for about another two years.

His sister, Annie, kept house for him until he married Parthenia Jones in 1869.

He was considerate of animals, he was a veterinarean. He was a strictly honest man, and said the blessing at every meal. He would always sew his own buttons on his clothes and do other minor mending, which fretted Parthenia, because she herself was industrious and would have done it for him. Apparently he was not an easy man to live with, for Parthenia said he was “just about perfect if he wasn’t spo rotten mean”. Jane Burton, who nicknamed many people, gave him the name “Hard”.

George Lambert was adminisatrator of both his father’s estate in 1866, and his monther’s in 1867.

After the death of his wife, Parthenia, George Lambert moved to the home of his son-in-law, A. H. Bracey, where he lived until he died.


PATTIE LAMBERT, daughter of George Dawson and Parthenia (Jones) Lambert, was born 10 October 1871 and died 9 July 1950. She married Altamont Hart Bracey on Wednesday, 11 October 1899, in Washington D. C., by Rev. S. Domer, pastor of St. Paul Eng. Lutheran Church, 738 11th N.W. They had four children:

– Altamont Hart Bracey, Jr, b. 4 October 1900; d. 11 September 1959
– Infant, born and died 23 March 1908
– Carstairs Bracey, b. 17 December 1909; d. 21 January 1910
– Haseltine Carstairs Bracey, b. 10 November 1911; d. 5 August 1993

Pattie Lambert attended Littleton Female College, Littleton, N.C., and a girl’s school in Henderson, N.C.


MARTHA E. LAMBERT, daughter of Baxter and Martha (Jones) Lambert, was born 12 October 1843 and died 1 October 1897. She is buried in the Kingswood Church cemetery. She married Samuel Allen Tutor (Tudor) on 12 December 1867. He was born 1 August 1839 and died 10 April 1918, and is also buried at Kingswood Church cememtery. They had ten children:

– John Baxter Tutor, b. 18 July 1868; d. 9 March 1907
– Martha Elizabeth Tutor, b. 7 November 1871; m. Andrew Lambert
– Sarah Alice Tutor, b. 31 May 1873; d. 28 March 1931
– Ida Estelle Tutor, b. 28 July 1874; d. 15 April 1933; m. Duke
– Mary D. Tutor, b. 27 July 1876
– Samuel A. Tutor, b. 1 May 1878; d. 2 June 1944
– Nannie G. Tutor, b. 17 December 1879
– James Robert Tutor, b. 27 October 1881; d. 28 October 1943
– Harriet Susan Tutor, b. 7 August 1883; d.15 January 1934; m. Thomas
– Lucy E. Tutor, b. 27 April 1886


STEPHEN J. LAMBERT, son of Baxtor and Martha (Jones) Lambert, was born 26 May 1845. He married Alice Cole on 20 January 1869. They had eleven children.


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