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WILLIAM ODELL, was born in England, about 1610, and died in Fairfield Conn., in 1676.

He married REBECCA BROWN on May 4, 1629 in Braham, Bedfordshire, England.


William of Rye, b. abt 1634
– James Odell
– John Odell, b. abt 1642, married Johanna Walker
– Rebecca Odell, married Col. Sam Morehouse

Traditionally, William is considered the the founder of the Odell family in America. The church court records of Newport, Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England show that he was in England in 1637, where he had engaged in a dispute on church property. He was in Concord, Mass. as early as 1639. In 1644, a number of the planters of Concord and their families, moved to Fairfield, Conn., and William Odell was among them.


WILLIAM ODELL, JR., was the son of William Odell and Rebecca Brown, was born at Newport, Pagnelle, England, in 1634. He came to Concord, Mass. with his father and Rev. Bulkley in 1635. He was in Rye, New York, as early as 1662 and among its first settlers. He died in Rye, New York about 1700.

He married SARAH VOWLES, daughter of Richard Vowles.


John Odell, b. 1658
Isaac Odell, twin, b. 1670/75
– Jonathan of Eastchester, twin, b. 1670/75
– Hackaliah Odell, b. 1672
– Samuel Odell
– Sarah Odell
– Michael Odell, twin, b. 1677
– Stephen Odell, twin, b. 1677
– Mary Odell, b. 1681


ISAAC ODELL, was the son of William Jr., and Sarah Vowles. He was of Rye, New York and born about 1670. He married ANN TOMPKINS, daughter of Nathaniel Tompkins, in 1694. Ann was born about 1672. They lived in Eastchester, New York.


– William Odell, b. 1695
– Tompkins Odell
– Isaac Odell
– James Odell
Joshua Odell, b. 1707
– Charity Odell, b. abt 1715

Ruth Lawrence, in "Colonial Families in America", says 'Isaac Odell of Eastchester, New York, signed the oath of allegiance to King William at White Plains in 1689. He was one of the proprietors of the White Plains Purchase and was living in 1734."


JOSHUA ODELL, was the son of Isaac and Ann Tompkins, was born on 4 November 1707 and died prior to 14 May 1785, at Rye, New York.

He married SARAH JONES, who was born 2 August 1713 at Philipse Manor.

They were the parents of:

Joshua Odell, b. 2 May 1733; m. Mary Vincent
– John Odell, b. 1735; m. Mary Wiltsea who was born in 1743
– Joseph Odell, b. 1738; m. Martha Manning

Joshua settled in Philipsburgh along the east side of Saw Mill River, between Yonkers and Elmsford. Joshua was a soldier in colonial times.


JOSHUA ODELL, JR., was the son of Joshua and Sarah Jones. He was born on 2 May 1733, at Yonkers, New York.

He married MARY VINCENT who was born in 1743. His farm was called "Odell Farm" and he lived there until his death in 1819. Mary died 14 December 1813.

They were the parents of:

Isaac Odell, b. 1760; m. Charity Lawrence
– John Odell, b. 5 January 1762; m. Esther Crawford
– Joseph Odell, b. 11 April 1766; m. Rebecca Tompkins
– Abraham Odell, b. 15 September 1770; m. Mary Nelson
– Daniel Odell, b. 27 April 1773; m. Anna Boya
– James Odell, b. 13 December 1775; m. Elizabeth Odell, his neice
– Joshua Odell
– Sarah Odell, who married Tuttle
– Abigail Odell, b. 27 May 1778; m. Lawrence Underhill

Joshua served in the Revolutionary War. His war record reads: "First Regiment, New York Line, under Col. Goose Van Schaik, between 1776-1783". He appears in the Muster rolls of 1758, Westchester Provincian Troops as "Joshua Odell, born in Yonkers, age 25, trade laborer". He later espoused the principles of the old Democratic party. Joshua was a member of Westchester Co. Militia in 1758, during the French and Indian Wars.


ISAAC ODELL, was the son of Joshua and Mary Vincent. He was born about 1760. Isaac lived in Yonkers, New York and was a cordwainer by occupation. He died in 1815.

Around 1783 he married CHARITY LAWRENCE, daughter of Isaac Lawrence of Greenburgh, New York. There is a record of the marriage of Isaac and Charity at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow.

They were the parents of:

– Elizabeth Odell, b. 14 July 1782. She married James Odell, her uncle
Mary Odell, b. 1785; m. Isaac Odell
– Hannah Odell, b. 1 October 1788
– Sarah Odell
– Sophia Odell
– Lawrence Odell, b. 3 December 1802; d. 13 March 1886. He married Jane Eliza Hinds and was in the dry goods business.


MARY ODELL, was the daughter of Isaac and Charity Lawrence, was born 3 September 1785, in Greenburgh, New York and died 1 November 1862.

She married her 'cousin' ISAAC ODELL in the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow. There is a record of the marriage of Isaac and Mary at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow.

Mary was christened in the Old Dutch Church. Her christening record is in the first English Record book of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, page 19, as follows: "Mary, daughter of Isaac Odell and Charity Lawrence, born 3 September 1785. Baptised 18 October 1785".

They were the parents:

– Jonathan Odell, b. 1805; m. Mary T. Bruce
– William Arnett Odell, b. 1807; m. Mary Smith
– Jacob Odell, b. 1808; m. Jane Waters.


JOHN ODELL, was the son of William Odell, Jr. and Sarah Vowles. He was born around 1658 in Fairfield, Conn. and settled in Fordham, New York.

He married ANNA MICHAELSE, daughter of Michael Bastian of Harlem.


— Katherine/Catherine Odell
John Odell, b. abt 1685; m. Hannah Vermilyn
— Hannah Odell
— Sarah Odell, m. John Vermilyn
— Mary Odell, m. Frederick Devoe
— Michael Odell, m. Elizabeth Nets

Note about Anna Michaelse: The 'e' by authority of Harcker. In those days the Dutch of New York did not have surnames, and the daughter was called after her father, Michael Bastian. The final 'e' indicated the female offspring. His son would be called simply "Michael" or "Michaelsen".


JOHN ODELL, JR., was the son of John Odell and Anna Michaelse. He was born in Yonkers about 1685. He lived in Fordham and died in 1738.

He married HANNAH VERMILYN on 29 October 1712.


Johannes Odell, b. 1715
– Isaac Odell, m. Magdalem Devoe
Abraham Odell, b. 1725
– Hannah Odell, m. Frederick Brown
Jonathan Odell, b. 1730
– Aeltje Odell, m. Daniel Devoe

Four of their sons were Revolutionary War prisoners.

John Jr. was cousin to Joshua Odell, son of William, 4th generation, Isaac Odell branch.


JOHANNES ODELL, was the son of John Odell Jr. and Hannah Vermilyn was born at Fordham, New York, about 1715 and died between 29 March and 31 May 1773.

He married KEZIAH, who may have been either a Jones or Lawrence. Johannes and Keziah lived in Yonkers on the west side of Bronxville Road, about 1/4 to 1/2 mile below Palmer Avenue. Johannes is buried in Sleepy Hollow.


– John Odell
Jonathan Odell
– Esther Odell
– Elizabeth Odell
– Philip Odell
– Moses Odell
– Stephen Odell
– Reuben Odell
– Benjamin Odell
– Sarah Odell


ABRAHAM ODELL, was the son of John Jr. and Hannah Vermilye. He was born in 1725

In 1751 he married REBECCA DYCKMAN who was born 1727.


JONATHAN ODELL, was the son of John Jr. and Hannah Vermilye. He was born 26 December 1730 and died 25 September 1818

He married MARGARET DYCKMAN who was born 1732 and died 1783. Jonathan and Margaret lived in the stone house in Irvington, New York, known as "Odell Inn".


JONATHAN ODELL, was the son of Johannes and Keziah, was born about 1745.

He married SARAH LOVETT/LYCITT. Jonathan and Sarah lived in Yonkers, New York.

– Gilbert Odell
– Joshua Odell
– Hannah Odell
Isaac Odell, b. 1778; m. Mary Odell
– Benjamin Odell, m. Anna Post
– Susan Odell
– Charity Odell
– John Odell
– Betsy Odell

A later record from V. E. Lewis, 10th generation says: "Jonathan son of John Odell of Eastchester was born about 1756, Sarah Lovett about 1775. He owned land along the Saw Mill River Road in Greeburgh. Was living in 1814."


ISAAC ODELL, was the son of Jonathan and Sarah Lovett. He was born 29 September 1778 in Yonkers and died 9 August 1860.

Isaac married his cousin, MARY ODELL, daughter of Isaac Odell. She was born 3 September 1785 and died 11 November 1862. They lived in New York City. There is a record of the marriage of Isaac and Mary at the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow.


Jonathan Odell, b. 1805; m. Mary T. Bruce
– William Arnett Odell, b. 1807; m. Mary Smith
– Jacob Odell, b. 1808; m. Jane Waters

Isaac and Mary lived in New York City. They, with their son Jacob, are buried in St. Johns Cemetery, Yonkers, New York. Their sons William and Jonathan are buried in the same plot in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Isaac and Mary's three sons owned and operated the first department store in New York City, which later became "Ridleys". They became very wealthy.


JONATHAN ODELL, son of Isaac and Mary Odell, was born 7 December 1805. He and married MARY T. BRUCE and they had one daughter, Mary. William (his brother) and Jonathan are buried in the same plot in Woodlawn Cemetery.


MARY ODELL, the daughter of Jonathan Odell and Mary Bruce, married HARRY ALLEN. They had two daughters: Mary Bruce, born 21 September 1868, married Arthur Ketchem. Edith Bruce, born 1875, married Joseph Davol. Edith was an artist and had homes in Oququit, Maine and Fishkill, New York.


WILLIAM ARNETT ODELL, son of Isaac and Mary Odell, was born 13 January 1807 and married MARY SMITH. They had no children. He died on 6 August 1889. His will was probated 21 September 1891. William and Jonathan, his brother, are buried in the same plot in Woodlawn Cemetery.


JACOB ODELL, the youngest son of Isaac and Mary Odell, was born 30 May 1808 and died by drowning on 9 October 1839.

He married JANE WATERS, one of the four most beautiful daughters of John and Ann Waters, who were born in England and died in New York City. Jane was born in 1815 in New York City.


– Rosaltha Odell, m. Israel P. Quick, artist of Yonkers
– Adela Odell, m. Benjamin Rowe
Henry Clay Odell, b. 1838; m. Harriet Sophia Conklin
– Jacob Odell, born posthumously in 1840. He died, unmarried, on 31 May 1866.

Jacob and Jane lived in New York City. Jacob owned, with his brothers, a department store on Pearl Street, which later became 'Ridleys' and later 'Wanamakers'. Their store was said to have been the first department store in New York City. Jane lived at 36 Scammel Street for many years after Jacob's death. She and her son Jacob are buried with her parents in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Jacob was drowned from his yacht and is buried with his parents in Old St. Johns Cemetery, in Yonkers. His will is at White Plains.


HENRY CLAY ODELL, was the son of Jacob and Jane (Waters) Odell, was born in New York City on 19 February 1838 and died on 21 February/March 1894.

He married HARRIET SOPHIA CONKLIN, daughter of Joseph I. Conklin, on 13 April 1862. (For information on Joseph Conklin, check Letters Patent 126,027 issued 23 April 1872 to Joseph I. Conklin, Jr. in New York - United States Patents Related to Insulators Listed by City, State & Country in Which the Inventor Lived). They were married at Mariners Church, by Rev. Charles G. Jones. Harriet was born 24 October 1844 and died on 21 March 1924 at Pelham Manor, New York. Both Henry and Harriett are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City, in lot Northwest, Part 8320.


– William Joseph Odell, b. 4 April 1863; d. 14 May 1871
Sarah Rosaltha Odell
– Benjamin Lester Odell, b. 21 March 1869; d. 28 January 1940; m. Lucy Stone and later Wilhelminia Gardner Hamilton
– Augustus Cecil Odell, b. 27 November 1872; m. Ella Harrington. They had 2 sons
– Mabel Magdalen Odell, b. 28 July 1874; d. 20 September 1915; m. Seadale
– Florence Adina Odell, b. 29 March 1879; m. Montlock
– Harry Clifford Odell, b. 21 August 1881; m. Jeanette Pollack
– Violet Edna Odell, twin, b. 16 August 1886; d. 9 February 1961; m. Lewis
– Minetta Harriet Odell, twin, b. 16 August 1886; died 1961; m. Patterson

Henry united with the First Reformed Church of Harlem, 182 East 122nd Street, New York City on 31 May 1878. At that time, his address was 1584 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York City.


SARAH ROSALTHA ODELL, was the daughter of Henry Clay and Harriet Sophia (Conklin) Odell. She was born on 20 September 1866 in New York City, and died on 11 December 1938 in Flushing, Long Island. Sarah is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Flushing, Long Island, New York.

She married WILLIAM HENRY HALLOCK, JR. on 31 May 1887, in New York City. He was born on 8 August 1867 and died on 20 June 1911 in New York City. William was an architect at Webster Avenue, north of Scott, Bedford Park, Bronx, New York, where his family lived until 1900.


Lester Edgar Hallock
– Gertrude Hallock, b. 1890
Florence Adina Hallock
George Holmes Hallock
Edna Hazel Hallock
William Henry Hallock, III
Amy Goodal Hallock
Kenneth Odell Hallock
Dorothy Eloise Hallock

Record in Morrisania Presbyterian Church, Washington Avenue and 168th Street, New York City: "Miss Sarah Rosaltha Odell joined the church on October 2, 1881, and Benjamin Odell joined on January 6, 1884". At the time of her death, she was a member of the Community (Reformed) Church of Queensborough Hill at 137th Street. She was a charter member of the church which was built about 1926/7. Dr. Joseph E. Carlin was the pastor and he preached at her funeral service. Sarah was always known as 'Zella'.

Zella made her home with Hazel and her children, Verna and 'Babs' for fourteen years at 61-19 Thompson Place, Flushing, Long Island, where she died. She raised Verna and 'Babs' Palmer from small children.

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